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  • Develop Strategy at Different Horizons

  • Continually Encourage Strategic Dialog

  • Involve the Entire Organization

  • Invest in Execution and Performance Management


Strategy Development should not be viewed as a distraction and an inefficient use of time however most executives see it as just that.


Leaders now more than ever must devote the time and resources necessary not only to develop strategy but to ensure its successful implementation. 

The problem is that most companies do not have an effective strategic planning process. At CLARITY Sales Enablement we have developed simplified processes and the tools necessary that enable companies to develop short, medium, and long-range plans. 

Our approach allows for the flexibility and agility required in todays competitive and rapidly changing markets.

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  • Company Wide Visibility of Strategy

  • Establish Key Performance Dashboards

  • Cascading Employee Rewards to Strategy

  • Predictable Assessment & Communication of Progress Against Strategy Enablement

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Having a Strategic Plan that everyone across the organization can buy into is not enough.


Aligning the entire organization to its successful implementation is a critical element in transforming strategy into sustainable and predictable business results. 


Companies must make the proper investments and allocate the resources necessary to ensure the successful communication of and performance management against high profile initiatives. 

At CLARITY Sales Enablement we have developed several simple to implement and manage tools to ensure that the pressure of day-to-day operations and internal distractions do not get in the way of measurable progress on their newly developed corporate strategy.

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  • Understanding of Indirect Sales Channels

  • Developing Best Fit Partner Criteria 

  • Optimization and Scaling Up Indirect Sales Channels

  • Developing Your Unique Value Proposition

According to the World Trade Organization (WTO) only 25% of the world's Gross World Product (GWP) is generated by Direct Selling with the remaining 75% via Indirect Sales Channels.


When it comes to indirect selling most companies don’t even know where to begin. Rather than trying to understand the significant benefits that can be realized by developing indirect sales channels most companies stick to what they know which is direct selling. As a result, companies do not include Indirect Selling as an important consideration during their Strategic Planning Dialog.


At CLARITY Sales Enablement we have developed world class Channel Enablement best practices that enable companies to scale their business by leveraging the capabilities that Channel Partners bring to the relationship. 

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  • Neutral Third-Party Facilitation 

  • Achieve Shared Alignment to Ensure a Common Language 

  • Best Practice Methodologies to Ensure Everyone has Opportunity to be Heard

  • Short Term Executive Engagements

Facilitating is no easy task, you’re not only responsible for securing productive participation from all the individuals in the room, but also for guiding those individuals with different personalities and work styles to a common outcome. 

In an effective group session everyone will leave aligned, on the same page, and speaking the same language. To achieve this, we make certain that everyone has a chance to be heard and to hear each other to ensure buy in and inclusivity.

At CLARITY Sales Enablement we are a neutral third party committed to ensuring different styles and personalities come together to achieve desired outcomes.

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  • Best suited for information that changes frequently     

  • Will directly support performance in a real-time manner 

  • Easily customizable  by industry sector or market

  • Fully developed and ready to utilise immediately 

Job aids are an under-utilized tool for helping organizations be more effective by directing, guiding, and enhancing performance. Organizations need to understand the difference between information and education.

Job aids directly support performance in a real-time manner. It’s a critical reference source for several job activities, especially where consequences for errors are high.

Created for information that changes frequently, and for a careful execution of delicate procedures.

At CLARITY Sales Enablement we have developed proprietary job aids that are easily customizable and can be utilized immediately.